Skill Development Program

Corporates are looking for skilled, self-aware managers who can tackle global problems, act creatively in uncertain, ambiguous environment, and getting things done in complex situations. To achieve these goals, Bapuji B-Schools emphasize three interrelated components; "Knowing", "Doing",and "Being".

Also helping them to build their profile through time tested pyramid approach of "Discover", "Understand", and "Practice" for success in employ ability and entrepreneurship.


Identify, Improve & Showcase Your Talents

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SWAYAM is an instrument for self-actualisation providing opportunities for a life-long learning. Here learner can choose from hundreds of courses , virtually every course that is taught at the university / college / school level and these shall be offered by best of the teachers in India and elsewhere. If a student is studying in any college, he/she can transfer the credits earned by taking these courses into their academic record. If you are, working or not working, in school or out of school, SWAYAM presents a unique educational opportunity to expand the horizons of knowledge.  

Founded by alumni of XLRI and IIMB's PhD program, eMBArkers aim is to "Build Bandwidth in Management Education". eMBArkers is founded by people who have seen both the sides of the coin. They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of the management education. Having walked through the hallowed portals of the best B Schools, namely IIMB and XLRI, they bring the best practices and information that can help you set sight on the top Institutes. And having seen the regional B Schools as well, they understand the huge compulsions under which these Schools (and by extension) the faculty members have to work. We have founded eMBArkers with one aim : Building Bandwidth in Management Education. And we realize that it is only by working with the faculty community that this can happen. Let us embark on this journey of quality management education.

Skills Development is a task that everybody wants to be a part of in the current world. Millions of Students pass through various examinations but are termed as unemployable. Thinking of the root casue of the problem, one would find that when the base is not right, how can you imagine the building to be strong. Scholarsmerit cannot change the paradigm of education in the country but is a step in the disruption of how the delivery of the knowledge is provided. Scholarsmerit is a platform that contains various services which are complementary to each other and lead the Raw Talent that is introduced as a Student in the system to become a New and Polished Talent who is ready for the Industry and its challenges. Scholarsmerit aims to become a bridge between the Students and Industry for a perfect blend of the requirements and their solutions. It is an attempt towards making the various lines of the Education World blur and provide opportunity to Students to deal with each challenge posed with ease.